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The Consular Chamber of Commerce and have developed an unprecedented accuracy in identity verification and delivery, for international and domestic use.

Utilizing new capabilities in established standards of authentication and transmittal of individual identities internationally, we anticipate partnership with government agencies globally, as well as with organizations of notaries public and the Hague Conference on Private International Law.


Clients of complete an identity verification process which includes obtaining and providing a copy of their passport, certified by a consul and bearing a Hague Apostille or legalization by the issuing country (if the member consul represents the issuing country and has powers to provide legalization). Consul members of the Consular Chamber of Commerce are presented with, or assist in obtaining, passport copies which carry the legalization or the Hague Apostille.

Upon receipt of the apostilled or legalized passport copy in person, the member consul verifies that the document appears to be a true and correct copy of the original, then scan and uploads the document to the secure online storage facility.

Once uploaded, the Due Diligence Department reviews the file for inaccuracies, then adds it to the system.


The document is stored securely on dedicated servers in Denmark, and becomes part of an image file which the identified person may authorize for release to any other subscriber, including Consular Chamber of Commerce confirmed members.

The system interfaces with, allowing for the secure and seamless integration of this unprecedented level of identity verification into existing internet uses, such as bank account logins, airline bookings, and age verifications and name checking on social networking sites, among thousands of other possibilities.

The ability of the system to provide on-location government-vetted individuals virtually anywhere in the world (consuls) to confirm the apostilled or legalized identifications, coupled with the ability to deliver the results securely by standardized method of or by membership in the Consular Chamber of Commerce, creates a new standard in identity documentation and verification.


Members of the Consular Chamber who are certified by the Chamber as having been confirmed by their receiving countries, and who perform such identity verifications for other certified member consuls free of charge, are eligible to confirm identification for any subscriber, for compensation. will pay each consul US $10.00 for each identification confirmed by a paying member of Each such identity verification re-confirmed upon expiration of the passport verified will also provide a $10.00 renewal fee to the verifying consul.

Should the verification be for a paid member of the Consular Chamber of Commerce, the verifying consul will receive compensation of US $20.00 per verification and US $20.00 per year for every year that individual remains a paid and ID confirmed member of the Consular Chamber of Commerce.


With the clear and immediate need for confirmed identification transmitted digitally, the system of ID verification and delivery provided by the Consular Chamber of Commerce is likely to be utilized by millions of individuals around the world. Consuls are uniquely positioned to facilitate this necessary migration, and to be properly compensated in an ongoing fashion for doing so.


Go to Click where indicated to search for a consul, and see if you are presently enrolled. If you are, you will find your name listed and a page dedicated to you, with information you likely submitted some time ago. If you do not find your name in the search, simply click “Membership” and “Enroll” follow the steps to enter your information, then skip to step 3. utilizes technology to provide protected login information for each member of If you are presently a member, place your curser on “Membership” on the menu at the top of the page, then click “Log in” from the drop-down menu. Enter your email address and click the “Begin” button. You will then be transferred to the password page. If you do not know your password, place the curser over “Membership” and click on “Reset Password” from the drop-down menu. The system will then email you a new temporary password.
Check your email for your new password, and enter it where indicated on the login screen. Follow the prompts and instructions to allow the service to share the protected information with for the directory.

From your member login, click on “User Info” at the top of the page, and complete the information you would like to publish.

From the member login, click on “Consul Info” and complete the consular data you would like to publish. Click “Save” at the bottom of the screen. You will then be transferred to a confirmation screen, from which you may request confirmation of your consular status by another member consul who is certified confirmed. The system will allow you to choose from several. If you do not know a consul on the list, request confirmation from Paulina Biggs Sparkuhl, Honorary Consul of Chile to the USA. This will allow Consul Biggs Sparkuhl to confirm your status, which will then be reflected in the directory. You will then be able to confirm other consuls you know as well.

Once your are in the system as a confirmed consul, you may request to confirm your identity. This will involve providing a copy of your passport, either legalized by the county of issue, or with a Hague Apostille. The Consular Chamber and are waiving the charge to document and securely store identification for the initial confirmed consuls in each country. This offer may cease at any time. To request a waiver of the $20. fee, please email Consul Biggs Sparkuhl at . In order to have the fee waived for your own ID confirmation, you must agree to provide ID verifications for free to other member consuls as well. For faster completion, you may opt to simply pay the $20. fee, and have it refunded when you confirm your first identification of another member within the system.

When your identification and consular status are certified confirmed, you will automatically be one of the consuls listed as eligible to confirm identities of any member, as well as status of other consuls you know.

Each Identity confirmation you complete for paying members will provide you with payment of the fees detailed herein above.

Participants may begin now at


  1. Dr. Geoffrey VanderPal - Honorary ConsulMay 25, 2009 at 11:32 AM

    This is an innovative and exciting program that will be very beneficial to Honorary Consuls and businesses throughout the world.

  2. Thank you for this information. Warm Regards
    Bill Weiss, Honorary Consul Malta, Frm Ambassador SMO of Malta

  3. The Consular Chamber of Commerce is pleased to partner with the National Notary Association and present at their convention at Bally's Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday, 12 June 2009. More details to come....


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