Thursday, May 7, 2009

Consular and Diplomatic Representation for Small or Developing Countries

The Consular Chamber of Commerce is uniquely positioned to assist small or developing countries in selecting consular or diplomatic representation globally.

Many smaller countries thrive due to the number of honorary consuls they have put in place in countries where the sending state has interests. One needs only to search the consul database to find that countries such as Austria have substantial representation, promoting the business of their states in business circles all over the world. Even the tiny nations of Comoros Islands and Nauru have high-profile, influential honorary consuls general assigned in such far-flung business and population centers and India and Ghana.

Other small and developing countries have yet to catch on. Some still believe that they are granting some, such as Panama and the US, seem to think they are granting some huge privilege to the consul, often allowing jealousy and suspicion of motives reign instead of good business diplomacy.

Still other countries appoint honorary consuls who might be consuls who only seek the title, and are not at all experienced or interested in business diplomacy or public diplomacy. This too is often fruitless.

The best possible honorary consul for a given country is the one who will best and most actively promote that country's cultural and business interests. Honorary consuls must be capable of working hours without pay, and investing funds when needed to play host and impress. Often acting in place of an entire embassy, honorary consuls must truly master the ancient art of business diplomacy.

As honorary consuls are generally not paid and cover their own expenses, small countries can do very well to place them at key locations around the world. A lack of proper vetting of a candidate, or government corruption in the sending state's consulate general as would undermine the proper nomination of a candidate are the primary risks for any country to appoint honorary consuls. These risks are mitigated by the Consular Chamber of Commerce.

With our own database of candidates for honorary consular positions, each of which has been vetted by other confirmed consuls, provided legalized passport identification, been subjected criminal and regulatory screening and provided numerous references, we are positioned to make recommendations to any inquiring country.

Because each of these candidates is a Consular Emissary and assists honorary consuls in their function, they are also experienced in the administration of an honorary consulate.

To become a Consular Emissary, or to obtain consular representation for your country in a given area, please visit or contact us.

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