Tuesday, May 19, 2009

9th World Congress of Consuls Confirmed for Izmir, Turkey Nov. 2009

Hosted by the Honorable Aikut Eken (http://www.consul.cc/consul/index.php/383/JM-TR), Honorary Consul of Jamaica in Turkey, and Secretary-Treasurer of the World Federation of Consuls (FICAC - http://www.ficacworld.org/), the 9th World Congress of Consuls will take place in Izmir, Turkey on 14-18 November, 2009.

A prosperous industrialist and stalwart supporter of the World Federation, Mr. Eken has consulted and planned the event for years, conferring with FICAC board members regularly, on six continents. He had named this Conference "Collaberation for Economic and Social Prosperity."

Known in part for producing legendary events, Mr. Eken has provided a complete website for the event at http://www.congressofconsuls.com/.

All member consular corps of FICAC are invited to attend. If your consular corps is not a member of FICAC, or you are not a consul but would like to attend, you may do so by joining the Consular Chamber of Commerce at http://www.consul.cc/.

The World Conference of Consuls brings together honorary consuls from all over the globe to continually define and promote public and business diplomacy. This is by far the most effective venue to expand one's outreach in business diplomacy or business itself.

Please join us in Izmir for what promises to be yet another amazing and productive World Conference of Consuls.

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  1. Congratulations for the information.
    A detail:
    The Nineth World Consular Congress will have, as members, not only the important Honoraries consuls but,also,as in the anterior ones,career consuls,for it is a Consular Congress, and not a Honorary Consular Congress.
    The World Federations of Consuls agregate consular societies,in all the world,and many of them haave honoraries and career consuls as affiliates.
    Consul General Lamartine Hollanda Junior
    Director of World Federation of Consuls-FICAC.
    Dean of Consular Corps of Brazil.


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